About Us

Barbecana seeks to improve the quality and the realism of project schedules, and hence the chance of achieving them. To this end, Tony Welsh, Barbecana’s founder has used his 30+ years’ experience in project management software to produce two software products which add functionality to Microsoft Project. Barbecana also has a commitment to customer service. We listen to customers’ concerns and these form the basis of much of our ongoing development schedule.

Official partner of Barbecana in European Union and Russia is TenStep Polska

About the Name

Barbecana is a medieval Latin word for a fortified gatehouse, and it is the inspiration for the Barbican Centre in the City in London. Tony Welsh, the company’s founder, chose it because of his fondness for the West Smithfield and Clerkenwell areas around the Barbican, where he lives in the summer, splitting his time between London and Houston.

The Barbican is just a few hundred yards from West Smithfield and St Paul’s Cathedral. The area is steeped in history, and three institutions dominate it to this day — the Smithfield meat market, the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. All were established in Smithfield by the late 12th century and all are vital features of this community today.

Barbecana’s Founder

Tony grew up in South East London and holds degrees in physics from Oxford University and in operations research from the London School of Economics. His career began at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) under the direction of John Lawrence, a leading light in operations research (O.R.) and editor of the British O.R. Society journal. His work focused on sales forecasting, media scheduling, and measuring the effects of advertising.

In the mid-’70s, Tony moved to a small O.R. consultancy where he worked on a variety of scheduling problems, primarily related to public transport. He also helped advise the Committee of London Clearing Banks (representing the big five U.K. banks at the time) on how to minimize the cost of transporting coins around the country.

Since 1980, Tony has been involved exclusively with project management software, for most of that time at the company he co-founded, Welcom, and now at Barbecana. During that time he has been personally responsible for, among other things, the development of no less than four schedule risk analysis systems.